The pig doesn't need more lipstick - we need to get rid of the pig.

For too long, a single business model has reigned in CPA and Advisory firms. And this model has dictated how a client partners with their firm. Just because it makes dollars for the firm, doesn't mean it still makes sense.

We can do better. We ARE doing better. And our core values are what drives us.



We believe that we were created to create. Exercising creativity requires us to pay attention – to technology, industry and the world around us. While we help to paint a clear picture of the road already traveled, we keep our antennas up and our eyes looking forward so we’re able to flexibly adapt to the road ahead. We don’t categorically reject the status quo, but we do always strive to innovate beyond it.

We believe life is a shared experience, and we strive to live with zest, have fun, and embrace humor to enjoy the journey. It is vital for us to bravely balance kindness and honesty as we seek to earn trust. We believe respectful, thoughtful, and clear dialogue is essential for progress and to collaboratively work toward better outcomes. Where you’re going is important, but so is how you get there.



We believe that integrity always wins the race, and it is important to us that we live in a manner that demonstrates the strength and conviction to stand firm in our principles. Nobody’s perfect, but we strive to grow iteratively through honest, forthright actions and solutions. We refuse to compromise our ethics or commitment to excellence for the potential benefit of a short-term gain.



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